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Calvin Klein is well known for his underwear and they have stores just to sell you Calvin Klein underwear.  Many well known artist wears Calvin’s in their ads and there are tons of models, colors and  you name it.  This pair of Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Trunk could be the most basic underwear you can find on the market. How did I get a hold of this pair? Let’s see how these measure up…



These come in a pack of 3 and has 3 different CK colors.  I believe they call these colors as Alaskan Blue, Alaskan Blue Stripe, Teal.  Overall, these trunks don’t look much different to a lot of trunks/boxer briefs.  The design feels a little older style, but this style is still used in the marketplace.  The pouch design is more like a V shape design; which means the pouch area is much larger the U shape pouches.  Overall, these trunks are quite stylish and does have the standard Calvin Klein designs.  The solid color trunks are a bit showy; however, the stripe version actually hides our package a bit.



This pair of trunks just fit when you put them on.  There is support for your boys and the V shape pouch stitches shapes the bulge a bit and does not lift your package much.



These are made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane.  The 5% elastane does give the cotton some stretch and that’s why they are called Cotton Stretch.  The material is soft and the stitching are flat.  There is stitching from the waistband to the leg on both legs and the back is the same.  The pouch area is more of a V shape stitching rather than an U shape.  The V shape pouch area is double layer as it does feel thicker than the other areas of the underwear.


Our Views:

These trunks has a very unique and definitely has the CK style.  I consider these as basic Calvin Klein’s and not from other premium collection by CK.  With that mindset, the stitching is at par to other basic underwear and designed for the everyday man.  The waistband at this level is consider high quality as it’s smooth and does not create any shafting.  The shorter trunk inseams definitely rides up and does cause some uncomfortable feeling.  One downside is the cotton material does sag more as you wash them more so the longer you wear them the worst the ride up will be.  To sum up, I wore these for about half a day and decided that I had to change my underwear.  Overtime, they started to feel not as comfortable and I had to go back to my favorite pair of boxer briefs.



This pair is a bit older, but CK does offers this line of boxers with the same material combination, but have change them to low rise.  The low rise may make them feel a tad better, but overall the heat build up should be the same.

Will I buy again? No – I like more cooler trunks.

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