C-IN2 Grip 1.0 Boxer Briefs $28 USD
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Grip Athletic is the high performance underwear made for the active man. The collection utilizes the very best fiber innovations featuring: quick drying fabric that dries 50% faster than untreated contact; moisture transfer technology that disperses sweat from the inside to the outside of the garment; and climate controlled comfort that cools the contact area by 2 degrees. The Grip collection boosts focus, performance and endurance by providing high performance at maximum comfort in basic and seasonal colors.


This pair of C-IN2 has some unique stitches which makes them a bit special. They come with at least 20+ combinations of colors, so there is a lot of choice.  A lot of underwear would use the waistband to identify the brand of the underwear. This pair of C-IN2 actually used the GRIP collection on the waistband and didn’t really have the C-IN2 mentioned anywhere.  The other detail is the 6 horizontal lines/stitches in the pouch area to guide your penis down towards the center of the pouch.  The pouch area is bordered with red stitches to emphasize the pouch in a pair of white underwear.



These boxer briefs are standard fit which I’ll consider them as fitted. There is no compression at all. The pouch guide does help keep the penis between the stitches. There are almost similar stitches on the butt area to support the buttocks.  At first wearing them, I felt the leg area is a bit tighter and doesn’t have a lot of stretch, so if you have thick thighs it may not work well for you. As a pair of athletic underwear, the leg design may have been an oversight.



These are made with 94% Cotton and 6% Elastane.  I’m quite surprised that they were saying the fabric can cool about 2 degrees on contact area when the pair of underwear is made mostly of cotton. The underwear came with a tag explaining the difference between untreated cotton vs this pair of underwear. From the chart, it shows that it takes about 25 minutes for a pair of untreated underwear, while it takes 15 minutes for this pair of GRIP underwear. Overall the construction is well made and the seams are flat.


Our Views:

When I got out of the shower and put this pair of boxer briefs on the first thing I felt was the roughness of the cotton. I couldn’t believe that a premium pair of boxer briefs could be that rough. I’m not sure if it is because I’ve been wearing a lot of premium underwear and I expect that this pair of rough cotton was unacceptable.  With that being said, I looked closely at the fabric and noticed that the exterior side had small mesh-like holes, but the interior layer was more of a normal piece of fabric. I’m not saying that it’s dual layered, but the construction of the interior and exterior is different. The exterior side mesh-like holes is where we get the roughness feeling. The interior fabric is less rough, and now like normal cotton underwear. However, I still feel that a piece of premium underwear should be much smoother.

Initially I was a little concerned about the stitching flaps around the pouch because the flap on the inside may cause rubbing of your penis when you move around. However, it seemed like my penis was staying in place so that the rubbing was the less of a concern.  There were times it moved around but I did not feel any rubbing.  However, if you are uncircumcised the foreskin may be a bit more sensitive and may cause a little bit more excitement. I wouldn’t know and if you do own this pair of boxer briefs and uncircumcised, please leave us a comment below so that our readers will know if the stitches in fact cause problems.

I went for a run in the morning wearing these and after the run I was sweating inside out. One thing I noticed is that the underwear was not sticky to the skin and that it didn’t feel wet. When I took them off, I noticed the underwear was soaking wet. So the sweat wicking properties and breathability worked well.
Although this pair of boxer briefs look like it is white, I put them against some athletic shirts and notice that they are more off white than pure white. So the looks of it may make them look dirty, but in fact they are not.

There is no working fly on these so that you will have to go over the gate. Going over the gate will also let you reposition your penis into the pouch area.

The legs did roll up a little bit, but it was not enough to be concerned about. Overall if you have thick thighs, They will be tight and hopefully will not roll up.

One thing to note: unlike many pairs of underwear the pouch area is not dual layered. It has the same fabric across the board so when you finish going to the washroom make sure you shake off as much as you can before wearing it any liquid will not be absorbed in the interior layer.

As always white underwear can easily tell you that it’s time for a change. When it gets too dark or yellow (yuck) it’s time for it to go. After wearing it for a day I did notice some coloring in them, so it does show the benefits of wearing white underwear. It definitely shows how dirty you are and things that you will not see if you are wearing dark underwear.


These are machine wash cold and to hang to dry. They do not suggest to put them into the dryer.



Will I buy again: No. There are other athletic underwear that feels better that does the same to keep you cool during your workouts.





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