Bodyskin - Bamboo Charcoal Long Boxer shorts $32.50 CAD
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Bodyskin is a company started in 1989 by Caleçons Vos Goûts and has earned its place as Quebec Canada’s most famous underwear chain.  their expertise and experience has enabled them to create quality brands tailored to your needs such as body skin and NU. Their mission is to offer a choice of quality underwear and clothing adopted to your daily activities. They offer more than 100 styles of trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and bamboo clothing. So do these Bodyskin Boxers square off?



The style of these Bodyskin boxer briefs is not too big a difference between other boxers but they do have some unique contrast stitching on the left and right side of your thighs. Obviously there is contrast stitching around the pouch area as most boxer briefs we have reviewed.  on the back there is a stitching for the bum and it is colored in the same color as the fabric.  I believe this bum stitching is for the bun formed technology. The waistband has body skin stitch all around the waistband with the same contrast colors on the top and bottom it actually does add some style to this pair of boxers.



This pair of Bodyskin boxers is for everyday use so there is really no compression to the fit. They are considered fitted so that everything is in place when it’s not too loose nor too tight. Because of the lack of compression in the thigh area the legs do roll up a bit; however, because of the length of the boxer the roll-up does not create any wedgies nor create excessive heat in the groin area.  You would just need to adjust from time to time.



The material for these boxers are made with 95% rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex. The bamboo rayon is an environmentally friendly fabric like other brands that I have recently reviewed and they are supposed to be cool to touch antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They’re also supposed to be breathable and can wick away moisture. They are very soft and smooth to the skin. The seams are flat so then there’s no shafting to your body and the pouch area is double layered to ensure privacy and moisture. The waistband is about 1.25 inch and is smooth to touch but definitely there is room for improvement. The back stitching is what they call the BunForm technology, which is a structural seam which provides additional support in the rear, effectively enhancing the shape of the rear end.


Our Views:

This pair of Bodyskin boxer is designed for everyday use so I shouldn’t compare it to active wear. The rayon bamboo is smooth to touch and very cool however when you are wearing it in a hot situation you will still sweat and it will feel a bit wet. However, it will not stick to your body or your package so you will not feel uncomfortable.

Since these are not meshed and the breathability is relying on the fabric, I would say they are nice everywhere except for my sweaty package. Overall these are better than the HOOK Feel collection that I reviewed recently. When I took them off at least I did not feel that the boxers were soaking wet.

Overall, these are great for everyday use but not for an active lifestyle.   Since the weather is not too hot yet,  I do have concerns when summer arrives and it gets blazing hot outside.  My sweaty package may soak these boxers in the pouch area. There are other boxers that may do better but for days that I do not need to be too active, these may be fine. However I do own a lot of underwear so I may choose to select the ones that are better in the hot summer weather.

I didn’t feel the bunform technology changing the support or enhancing the shape of my rear end. I would need you guys to tell me on that.



Will I buy again: Yes – to replace.
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