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BN3TH (pronounced as beneath) is well known for their underwear and the MyPakage pouch that keeps the boys in place. This pair of shorts is designed for you to relax in them.  This is part of their sleepwear collection.  As many of you are working from home you may want to have a pair of comfortable shorts.



The styling of these shorts are quite plain; however, these shorts do come in many patterns and colors. I recall when buying this pair, they also had a camo (green camo) version. They also have Heather camo (black camo), shibori teal (blue and white), fireside plaid red, and holiday (different version of plaid red). There black we have has a black color drawstring, but other versions like the green camo comes with an orange drawstring. The left pocket has a suddle BN3TH branding label.



These shorts are considered a slimmer fit, and the length just ends above my knee. If you are slim fit guy, these shorts will fit well. If you are a bigger build you may opt for a larger size. I have seen other reviews before I purchased and some people noted that they are considered large and need to downsize. More on fitting in our view section.



The fabric is made with 95% TENCEL modal and 5% Spandex. This is the same material used in many of the BN3TH boxers. They are very soft and stretchy. The stitching is well done and I couldn’t find any loose threads. The waistband is covered with the same fabric and the drawstring is attached around the band.


Our Views:

These shorts are smooth, stretchy, and a relaxing fit. One thing that is important to mention is that these shorts don’t have the mypakage pouch. I guess the reason for not having the pouch is because if the relax fit. With a pouch you would be constrained to have a tighter fit and not a loose pair of shorts. If these shorts don’t have the pouch then went buy a pair of sleepwear shorts from BN3TH? If you admire the TENCEL model from their underwear, then this could be your pair of shorts. There are some downside with these shorts. If you have a heavy phone or anything that has some weight the shorts will drop a few inches because of the stretchy material.   You will need to make sure the drawstring keeps your shorts around your waist.  If you don’t they may fall down and hang around your bulge before you start pulling them back up.  They did say that these are unisex shorts, so ladies could use these too.



Will I buy another pair? YES, but not going to be plain black.

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