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It’s been a while I have not reviewed BN3TH. This time the Entourage collection and see if it’s better than the classic collection or not?



I find that the BN3TH looks are usually the same no matter what collection you buy. The pouch area tends to be big, but I wouldn’t say it’s big in the right places. Definitely it does give you an impression that your assets are much bigger because of the contour of the pouch. This  X Ray pattern gives you complex lines that distract your eyes from focusing on any bulges, which seems to be a good thing if you are shy about showing off your bulge.



This pair of boxer briefs fits nicely on your body. The only area I feel that doesn’t fit well for me is the pouch. My sack does not hang that low on the U shaped pouch and the contour is large for my small flaccid size.



This is something special with this pair and it’s related to the material used.
These active Boxer Briefs are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This fabric is an EcoDry fabric that is  durable and breathable and features a thicker logo waistband for ultimate control.

The fabric is made out of 86% Recycled Polyester and  14% Spandex. The fabric is rated at 170 GSM fabric weight.


Our Views:

What caught my eye on this pair is the design and the material used in the fabric.  The X Ray pattern is great and creates a lot of complex views. I’m not shy about not showing what I have, but the look is much better than solid colors.  The fabric is made of 86% recycled plastic bottles and is supposed to be an environmentally friendly type of underwear. I was imagining having plastic bottles wrapped around my lower body, but definitely that’s not the case.

The 6.5 inch inseam seems a little bit on the longer side. This typically helps reduce the roll up in the legs. Like most underwear, this pair still rolled up, but definitely nothing to worry about.

The waistband is a bit thicker than normal and is nice.  The left side has a “MOVE” tag telling you this underwear is designed for performance and the BN3TH branding is in fact on the back side.  So if you are the type who wants to show off what you are wearing inside, you’ll have to expose the back.  Typically if you wear jeans and don’t have a belt you just need to kneel down and you will easily expose your backside.  Back to the MOVE tag, it actually is dual purpose and it’s used to cover up the connection stitch of the waistband.  A lot of underwear companies have the stitch on the back, but because they wanted the BN3TH on the back, you move this stitch to the front and add the MOVE tag.  Inside around the same area, they have the instruction tag that should be removed before wearing it.


The pouch area is large for my liking and it’s been the same in previous BN3TH underwear I’ve owned and reviewed.  I have a few photos pointing up and pointing down and the large pouch allows you to point up with no pressure to the penis.  I’m still not a guy who purposely points up, as it always ends up pointing down after a period of time.  The interior and the pouch is all in white, and I love white interiors as it tells me it’s time for this pair of underwear to go.  If it stains or just doesn’t look white anymore it is time for it to go.  Guys – don’t wear the underwear until it’s all ripped.  You got to change the underwear after a period of time.

Talking about the MyPakage pouch.  The U shape pouch is designed to support your package and keep it away from your legs. I think the BN3TH pouch is not designed for my smaller fit.  I don’t feel the pouch supporting my assets when I normally walk around.  I do feel it if I kneel down where the U shape pushes up and lifts my sack.

Looking at the back photo, you can see the stretched fabric does cause some transparency and you can slightly see through the fabric and see the butt crack.  With the level of transparency you get you can see that this fabric is quite breathable and allows air to flow in and keep you dry and cool.

BN3TH also creates the Pucker Panel which is designed to have your underwear contour around your body.  There are a lot of discussions about this type of Pucker Panel for guys who are well endowed.  There are different sizes of this inseam gusset which guys with larger packages have issues with this type of pucker panel.  However, the MyPakage lifting your assets up may have solved the problem with this panel.  If your underwear has a larger panel and does not have any pouch to keep your assets away from your legs, your penis will rub against the panel stitch because the stitch is in fact close to the front than a traditional single stitch between the front and back panels.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this pair of BN3TH – the U shape pouch doesn’t do much for me, but it acts similar to the SAXX pouch where it is on the sides.  The only weird feeling is the lift of the sack when I kneel down.  Being environmentally friendly makes me feel that I am responsible for our environment.



Will I buy again?  Maybe, there are still a lot of BN3TH collections I haven’t tried yet.  Not something special enough for me to just wear this collection.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad pair of underwear.




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