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BN3TH is a men’s apparel company founded in Vancouver, Canada. They started off designing men’s underwear for all to feel confident in. They believed that increased comfort equates to increased performance. The company claims to be the first to create underwear with a three-dimensional pouch, which they patented as MyPakage Pouch Technology™. The three-dimensional pouch is the key to their uniquely supportive fit. In addition to men’s underwear, BN3TH also makes other apparel such as T-shirts, shorts and sleepwears.



We have previously reviewed the BN3TH classic boxer briefs on this site. This review is for the trunk version from the same Classic collection, with a shorter inseam (3.5”) . The classic trunks come in either with a fly, or without a fly. The classic trunks come in more than 15 colours and patterns, with wacky names like Yosemite, Wildlife Grassland and Sorry, Excuse Me. However, the trunks with fly only come in two colours, navy and black.
These navy trunks are literally just navy blue: navy blue fabric, navy blue stitching, navy blue pouch lining, navy blue waistband, navy blue embossed logo, navy blue everything. The only element that stands out is a small white tag sewn onto the waistband on the backside, with the word BN3TH, as you might have guessed, in navy blue.
The benefit of a more classic design and colour is that they will not really go out of style.



Every pair of BN3TH features MyPakage Pouch Technology, which is a 3D U-shaped pouch designed to lift and separate your balls and dick from your legs. Because of the U-shape, my package didn’t just drop into the pouch as I pulled them up, I had to manually put it inside. The adjustment took no more than a second and my package stayed in place for the rest of the day.
The bottom part of the U-shaped pouch does not add much value personally but I believe it will help lift and bring forth the “display” for guys who are low hangers. Also, the pouch has plenty of room so I think it can easily accommodate guys who are larger in that department.
I fit comfortably in a size small. The waistband is soft and stretchy, it doesn’t leave any marks even after a full day. Same with the leg bands. They are slim fit and the bands stretch comfortably around my thighs.



The BN3TH classic trunk uses 95% Tencel™ Modal and 5% Spandex. The construction is solid and the stitching are flat lock seams. The stitching on the pouch has been reinforced. There is no chafing. Overall it is a very well made piece of garment.


Our Views:

The TENCEL Modal material on these classic trunks is one of the most comfortable materials that you would want on your skin. If they would make bedsheets with it and I would never leave my bed! While they stay pretty dry for the most part of my day, I do find them trap a little bit of heat and moisture when exercising.
I didn’t comment much about the fly because I never use the fly. The only other purpose I can think of for the fly, is that it provides a second layer of fabric over your package so it gives a slight protection against zipper injury, and that the outline of your junk won’t be as obvious.
Style-wise I wish they come in all the colours and patterns just like the no-fly version. Whether you go with a pair of trunks or boxer briefs comes down to personal preference.
According to the laundry label, these trunks can be tumbled dried on the low heat setting. But if you line-dry them like I do, just note they are not quick-dry. In fact they took just as long to dry as regular cotton underwear.


They are great for general-purpose use, but you would probably want to look for something more breathable if you are very active or sweat a lot; or something more quick-drying if you are travelling.
The BN3TH classic trunks are very soft, very comfy, provide great support to my package and a chafe-free experience for everyday use.
The only drawback: At $30 USD ($35 CAD) a pair, they are a bit pricey for everyday wear.
Will I buy this again: MOST LIKELY, when they go on sale..


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