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The BN3TH Classic Boxers is a luxury Boxer Briefs feature an ultra-soft, breathable, lightweight Tencel™ Modal that is sustainably sourced, guaranteed to stay smooth and keep you comfortably supported at all times. The MyPakage Pouch Technology™ lifts & separates your boys, eliminating the need to shift or adjust.



This boxer is mainly a solid black color which gives you that seamless and classic look. The red waistband looks like with the black and a BN3TH tag on the left side of the waistband. This pair looks much better than the Active Pro I review recently. My bulge looks much better as it doesn’t look like too small in the Active Pro. I feel that BN3TH designs their underwear for all sizes so they left room for bigger boys. For a little smaller than avg boys, the styling looks a bit weird with the extra fabric.



These boxers just fit. Won’t say they have any compression at all. In my previous review on the Active Pro model, that had a little more compression than these. briefs, but I would say they are on the lighter side. You don’t feel that compression on your thighs and the pressure on your boys. They fit quite well. There is a very well made pouch which is vertically seamed that helps support your boys.



The Classic Boxer Brief is made from TENCEL Modal and feels very soft. The fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton, extremely breathable, wrinkle and pill resistant guaranteed to stay smooth and keep you comfortably supported over time. There is a little shine to the fabric and it’s very soft. The waistband is soft and doesn’t have too much branding. I know newer version of BN3TH have added more branding – it only matters if you want to show off their boxers.


Our Views:

The material is light and barely noticeable when you have them on. It does well with wicking away your sweat and keeps you cool. My boys sweat a lot, but these are good at wicking away the sweat and keep them cool. There is no working fly, so you need to go over the gate. To me it doesn’t matter that much cos I don’t use it that often, but I just wanted to note this. However, BN3TH has released new models with a fly. Not sure how that works, but may get one to try when it goes on sale. The boxers keeps my boys in place and does make you feel that you are not wearing underwear, but still be able to have the support you need. My previous review on the Active Pro, the pouch lifts my boys too much and have some uncomfortable feeling. This pair does much better – I don’t feel the lift too much. The only time I feel the lifting is when I am sitting cross legged 🧘‍♂️. It maybe how I am positioned and the boxers pushes up a bit causing it to push my sack.



The Classic Boxer is much better than the Active Pro. I would recommend this as an everyday boxer. If you do sit cross legged a lot then you may want to try one before buying it for everyday. Will I buy again:  YES.


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