BN3TH Active Boxer
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BN3TH, pronounced as beneath. This brand’s pouch is quite big and for sure can fit a huge package with no problems.  Because of the huge pouch there is no problems of having a squashed feeling.  Surprisingly, there is still support even for the smaller package I have.  Materials are not as soft as other premium brands, but it could be related to this model is designed for the active you.  It wicks away sweat quite well.  Overall it’s a good underwear for training or running, but may not be good for everyday comfort.  One big complain that I have is the cutting of the pouch.  The lower side of the pouch where your sack sits, feels too high.   When sitting down to standing up, I feel that something is lifting my balls rather than supporting it.  It’s highly possible that the design just doesn’t work for my construction and it’s fine for many others.  You will have to buy one and try to know if it will work for you.  Because of this complain, I haven’t purchased another pair of this brand. The fit is good as it’s not too tight, but have the support and fit so that the legs do not roll up.

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