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The Bamboo Underwear Company is an underwear company located in Quebec, Canada. The design & marketing are done in Canada, the material is grown in China and the manufacturing in Bangladesh. The Bamboo Underwear Company sells mostly women’s tops and bottoms and only sell this pair of boxer/trunks for men. Not sure this model is their trial model for men’s undergarment?



This model of boxers come in 7 colors and some of these colors are not commonly used. They come in Kale (light green), Grey Mix (grey – this model), Black, Midnight (dark blue), Iceberg (teal), Lobster Pink (pink) and Red. I’m not sure if these are boxer briefs or trunks, as the length of the legs are short enough to consider as trunks. One thing to note is the waistband. Typically the waistband is stitched together in the back of the underwear, but this one is stitched on the side. This is not the only underwear I’ve reviewed that have the stitch on the side. However, the stitch together keeps the Bamboo logo on the waistband. Thumbs up 👍 to the attention of detail.



These trunks are fitted and feel great. The legs still roll up a bit, to a point I felt that I was wearing briefs. There was one time where they pinched my sack a bit and I had to readjust immediately.



As the brand has already told us what material it uses for their underwear. These are made with 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex. I have reviewed a lot of Bamboo made underwear and they all feel similar. These are cool to touch, soft and comfy to the skin. Overall the stitching is good, there are some loose threads at the end of the seams, but they don’t cause any issues.


Our Views:

A brand that is called Bamboo Underwear really limits the choice of materials used. If you want to use Polyester or Cotton, it won’t be Bamboo Underwear. Bamboo is very eco-friendly and does not use a lot of water to grow. They can grow 3 feet tall in just 24 hours, which makes this natural resource very sustainable. Bamboo also is soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic which helps reduce itching and irritation to sensitive skin. The fabric is also breathable and allows absorption and evaporation of sweat quickly.

These trunks overall feels good as it’s cool to touch and lightweight. The waistband is soft and smooth to touch and does not irritate the skin at all. The pouch area is double layered and it feels a bit smaller than some other brands, but the fabric does have some stretch to it. Larger packages may feel a bit tighter, but should still feel the support. There is no working fly, so you will have to go over the gate.

Most of the stitches are in the pouch and perineal area. There is no stitching in the bum area to support the butt. The legs roll up a lot to a point it felt that I was wearing a pair of briefs. Overall, these are great to day to day activities, but not something you would wear working out.


These are machine wash cold and to hang to dry. They do not suggest to put them into the dryer.



Will I buy again: No, they are not special enough to buy another pair. There is a lot of bamboo underwear in the marketplace to keep on finding the perfect pair of underwear.


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