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Aussiebum Wonderjocks Bare is available as two styles: boxer briefs and briefs and comes in 4 different colours: dark blue, bright blue, red and white. The Wonderjocks has a pouch for your penis and balls to lift them up and push your assets forward. So you get an enhancing effect for a great look. The company calls this WJ’s Free Swing Boost for best support. I can recommend them as everyday underwear, but not for sports. Since there are two layers in the pouch, your manhood becomes a little bit sweaty after hard exercises.


When you put them on, you have to put your penis and the balls into the pouch. When wearing these the whole day adjusting is not necessary, except after an erection. There is enough space in the boxer briefs for a morning wood without pain. Because of the 4D Grid Framing Technology of the fabric, not only the bulge is perfectly formed also the butt has good support. In comparison to the normal Aussiebum Wonderjock (uncomfortable after wearing them for some hours) the Wonderjock Bare fits well.  Sometimes the legs of the boxer briefs slide up, which then has to be straightened several times a day. Although there is a leg binding, they slide up on my thin legs. This shouldn’t play a role for stronger men with more muscles or when wearing briefs style.


The Wonderjocks Bare is made with 87% Micro Modal and13% Elastane. I love the feeling of the super soft and stretchy fabric on my skin. It is like a second skin you don’t notice the whole day.  After washing them a few times the boxer briefs hold their shape, but the fabric becomes a little thinner. These are very well made especially the flatlock stitching.

Our Views:

Pouch underwear is sometimes uncomfortable for when the pouch size depends on the size of the underwear. Normally I wear size S and I find a very small pouch. This is the problem with the normal Aussiebum Wonderjocks in which the crotch area is a little bit too tight. I think the Wonderjocks Bare have a more roomy pouch and the fabric behind the balls is not so high. Your manhood will be lifted less but enough for me as an average sized guy.

Despite the mentioned disadvantages like the sliding legs, I love this underwear. That’s why I own a lot of these boxer briefs and the briefs with this great technology. Since my favourite underwear colour is black I am a little bit disappointed that you can only find 4 colours for these great underwear. You will get a great bulge under your trousers and jeans without any constricting feeling caused by the Wonderjock technology. Best of all is the super soft and stretchy fabric.



Will I buy another one? Yes, of course.


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I agree with the other guys this is a fantastic review. It certainly sounds like the WJ bare has made some great improvements on the previous styles in the range so I will certainly be picking up a pair of these in the near future!


I agree with Cam. Great review! They certainly look comfortable, and your fit looks perfect. I’m new to the world of pouch underwear but will for sure add these to my list to check out.


Awesome review Nick! The pouch really lifts and accentuates your package and makes it look really big! If you are able to could you post a pic wearing these under shorts or pants so I can see what the bulge looks like? I like this style a lot but I don’t like to show off too much under my pants.

Great job bro you rock!


Creates a nice and notable bulge but not overdone. If someone is specifically looking, they will likely notice. Other guys will be jealous!

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