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Aussiebum is an Australian swimwear and underwear company who make a whole range of underwear from the normal to the more out there products. They have been around since 2001 and have become a well known world renowned brand but they are probably best known for their Wonderjock technology.



These trunks  are definitely easy in the eye, they come in a multitude of colours and I chose the red ones when I ordered a pair. Aussiebum make a few variations of the Wonderjocks and this one is the air model. It is called air as it is made of a breathable fabric and designed to be worn whilst exercising. The Wonderjocks have a pouch for you to put your penis and balls in which are then lifted and pushed forward to enhance the look and size of them. These are definitely the underwear of choice for those who like to show off what they have down there! They are very striking when they are on and the thick black waist band is a nice contrast to the red of the rest of the underwear.



Overall these fit ok, the fabric around the bum is nice and tight and they fit to the body well. The issue I have and it’s the same for most Aussibum underwear is that they do not give you too much room in the crotch area, this is especially noticeable in these due to the pouch that holds your junk. I do find myself having to re adjust myself throughout the day when wearing these which can be a bit embarrassing. It is also a bit awkward to get your penis and balls back in the pouch, this can lead to some funny looks when using public urinals! On the other hand though these are designed for one reason and that is to make your bulge look bigger and they do that very well. If you wear these under some light fabric trouser or shots you will definitely pick up a few stares when you are out and about.



These are very well made and due to the nature of the fabric used they are unlikely to rip or fade over multiple wears. The stitching is well done and these feel very much like a premium product. I have had other pairs of Wonderjocks over the years and eventually the pouch does become looser and they loose the effect of highlighting you junk. This doesn’t happen for some time though.


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I am very happy with these trunks, they look very striking both under or out of clothes. They can be a bit uncomfortable at times but that is a small nuisance really. They can be a bit pricy but Aussiebum regularly have sales so if you are interested I would recommend you wait for one of those before you pick up a pair. They do these in boxer’s, briefs and jockstraps so there is a style for everyone’s tastes.



These are some great trunks and will make you stand out from the crowd when you wear them. They can be a bit uncomfortable at times but the breathable fabrics helps reduce that slightly. I would recommend getting a size bigger than what you usually wear just to allow yourself some extra room up front. I have had multiple pairs of Wonderjocks over the years and think they are great. If you like to show off a bit then these are the underwear for you.



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Thanks for the inside view man, really curious about underwear with pouches and how the penis and balls fit into them do that was helpful!

I can recommend the Aussiebum Wonderjock Bare instead of the normal Aussiebum Wonderjock because there is a little bit more room in the pouch. The look is great and they are very comfortable. I can’t wear the normal Aussiebum Wonderjocks for a long time because of the tightness in the pouch.

The fabric behind the balls is not so high, the material is very soft and stretchy and the pouch is a little bit larger than in the normal Aussiebum Wonderjock. I’m planning to write a review on them.


Simon, you look nice in these red trunks! Nice review! I want to read more reviews from you.


same here

George W

I hope Simon will have some new reviews for us to read.

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