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Aussiebum are an Australian swimwear and underwear company who make a whole range of underwear from the normal to the more out there products. They have been around since 2001 and have become a well known world renowned brand and they are probably best known for their Wonderjock technology (click here to read my review of these on this site). Today I will however be reviewing one of their more simpler styles.



These briefs are your classic style of brief but they seem to have a more stylish cut than your standard tightie whities. They are made out of a cotton blend and feel soft to the touch. They have white detail around the legs and the crotch area which is a nice contrast to the bold red colour. These are available in a wide range of colours from your standard white up to bright yellow, if you have a favourite colour chances are these briefs will come in that colour. There is a fly at the front but it is there for show rather than for any practical use. I have tried to put my dick through there and due to the angle it is quite painful. They are finished off with a slim white waistband with the classic Aussiebum branding on.



What can I say other than these briefs are the most comfortable briefs I have ever owned. I have brought multiple pairs of these over the years as I think the fit is fantastic. The cotton feels great against your skin and it keeps things cool down there in the summer. The fit on the bum is great and unlike other underwear Aussiebum produces, there is a fair amount of room in the crotch area. Having that extra bit of room feels great around the cock and balls which only adds to the comfort of these.



These briefs as with all Aussiebum underwear are very well made and will last you some time. The stitching is very firm and will not pull or sag over time. The only down point about these briefs is that the colour does fade over time which makes them look a bit washed out. These are one of the cheaper styles available from Aussiebum so it’s not a major issue if you do need to replace them at any point. As I mentioned on my last review there are always sales on their website so my advice would be to wait until a sale is on before buying anything from Aussiebum.


Our Views:

I am a big fan of these briefs and I have been for some time. There is something timeless about the cut and style and these will never go out of fashion. I think I brought my first pair about 10 years ago and they have not altered the styling on these in that whole time. They do add new colours periodically to keep the range fresh so always worth having a look to see if any of the new ones strike your fancy.



I couldn’t recommend these briefs any more if I tried, if you are a brief man like myself or if you are thinking of trying briefs out then these are the pair to buy. They are super comfy and look great when they are on. The generous pouch allows you to show off what you have whilst also not having your cock and balls constrained but any internal pouches. I have worn this style for years and I am sure I will still be buying them in years to come.
Would I buy again? Yes


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any photos of how the fly works?

George W

Simon provided me the photos and I have added it to the review!


Wow, from your pics it looks like the fly is quite tight so I would probably go over the gate. All of the touching that it requires to get your dick through that side fly and then the tightness of the opening would probably give me a boner to be honest. Thanks for adding those pics those are helpful!

Tommy L

Glad you persevered thru, Simon. haha. These look crazy soft / comfortable though and work well to show off the bum (hence the name? haha). They look great on you. I love soft unders!

Tommy L

Yes. My skin is real sensitive so soft is important for me. Looks like they fit the bum right. Hard to say if that is the man or the brief. lol. You’ll have to do a jock strap review next. haha.

George W

Looking forward to the reviews!

Tommy L

I hear that, Simon. Crazy days, man. Crazy days.


Hmm I see, that would probably happen to me then too. Getting a semi while you’re standing at the urinal to pee would be kind of awkward haha especially if there was no divider between the urinals 😅 So I probably would just go over the gate

George W

Send it to me when you have it so I can add it to the review.


Simon, You look much better in the Wonderjock, but I guess these are more comfortable. Nice review. Looking forward to read more reviews from you.


Thanks Raid, the Wonderjocks always look super impressive when they are on but can be a bit uncomfortable after a while. These classics are by far my favourite ones. Will be reviewing more Aussibum underwear over the coming weeks so would be great to hear your feedback.

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