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AOELEMENT® Bulge Pouch Design with Breathable Sports Elephant Nose Trunks is a very interesting pair of underwear. The interesting part is the pouch design. Other than that the other remaining parts of the trunks is no different from other trunk underwear.


These trunks come in 5 different colors: black, blue, gray, purple and white. We are reviewing the purple version of this pair of trunks today. Stepping back and looking at this pair of trunks, they don’t look much different. The front is where you may have concerns or maybe shy on showing off what you have. The exterior pouch is where your penis fits into and it shows off like an elephant nose trunks.

AO Element has very unique designs for your penis. The previous pointing up trunks, they position your penis upward and this pair it points it down and fits it like you were not wearing anything and just let it hang normally.


The fit is well fitted, no compression and I may have to add the fit of your penis. If you are average size these are not problem. If you have at flaccid state over 4.5 inches you will most likely stretch the pouch. The fabric does stretch a bit, so even 4.5+ inches should still fit, but not sure if they are comfty or not.



Since this is a brand from China, there is limited information on them. There is mixed information on these sites and it’s not easy to find what they are really made of.  On the website it’s 92% Micro Modal and 8% Spandex.


Our Views:

This pair of AO Element has a few selling points:
1. Double Storehouse – Sanitary separation bin and not easy to squeeze
2. Scrotal isolation bag – independent space and Stereoscopic support
3. Breathable Window
4. Separate Space Design

Double Storehouse

This pair of trunks has the separation area allowing your penis to go through the first pouch and your sack onto the other sack.  If you have a sweaty sack, the layer of the fabric separates the two areas and reduces the stickiness.

Scrotal isolation bag

This feature is similar to the Double Storehouse.  Just a nice area for your sack to sit on and support so it doesn’t sag.

Breathable Window

I was debating on putting the photos of the breathable window in the 18+area or not.  But to play it safe, I have 2 photos of the breathable window in the 18+ photos area below.  It does give you an opening between your penis and sack and allows air to flow through.  There is a disadvantage of this opening.  There are times where your penis is shy and if you fall out of the exterior trunk, you could just be hanging outside of the pouch.

Separate Space Design

I feel that their features are actually the same.  They just call it differently.  This is just another way to say that they have designed the pouch area and have space for your penis and your sack.


If you are looking at buying these, you need to up-size a lot. I wear a North American medium size and I had to purchase a XL for this pair. They have a chart to compare your height and weight and what size you should buy. From what I can see this is the sizes in comparison:

  • North American S = L
  • North American M = XL
  • North American L = XXL
  • North American XL = 3XL

This is only a reference.  You do need to look at your weight and height to see if this fits your shape.


This design is similar to Separatec’s design with the outer flap, but this doesn’t have the penis hole in the underwear for you to go through.  It’s just a sleeve for your penis to go into.  Not sure it this is the better design or not, but it seems to work.  The looks of the underwear in my perspective does not look nice.  It totally shows off your size and figure and there is less room for imagination.  What do you think?  Please leave comments below.

Awkward moments

Because the penis is outside and hanging in the the exterior pouch, if you have any unexpected awkward moments, your semi-erected/erected penis will point out will little constraint like other underwear.  Other underwear will help contain your erection and keep it up or down.  In the Uncensored photo section, you can see how it looks like if this occurs.  Please do not comment on size! Thank you!

Size does matter

If you have a flaccid state penis greater than 4.5 inches your penis, the fabric may start stretching and making it uncomfortable.  I don’t have the exact length, but based on tape measurements and reference of my flaccid size, 4.5 inches seem to be a good reference.  So about 90% of our readers won’t see this as a problem.


The sack does not have any special material to keep you cool.   It’s the same micro-modal fabric throughout the underwear.


There is no real fly, but when you pull the outer pouch out, your penis is available for you to do your business.  I think this type of underwear, it is better to use the fly then pulling down the trunks and spending time to put your penis back into the pouch.

Final views

The legs do ride up a bit, but nothing to be concerned about.  I noticed that wearing this pair of trunks and having my penis hang feels natural and the supportive with the pouch, but shortly after wearing it my penis will tend to shrink and it did fall out once.  Also unexpected boners do cause bigger impact as it like having a boner without anything blocking it from extending. There is some level of constraints, but not enough to make things look bad.

I have a few photos showing the possibility of putting the exterior pouch inside so that your penis just doesn’t hang. So if this pouch system doesn’t work for you, you can still use it as a normal pair of trunks.

For $29 USD for 3 pairs, the price is not bad with the quality of the trunks. The design may work for you and it may not, you really have to buy a pair to try.

I feel that this is not something I will wear everyday.  There definitely has a lot of freedom for your penis, but I think there is too much freedom and fiddling around can easily cause unexpected erections.  I would prefer something that can help reduce the penis pointing forward for those times.  I don’t dare to wear this when wearing loose pants or sweatpants where you easily show off your bulge.



Will I buy again? No.  It was a good try.


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Thanks for the review in details.
we just updated our official website and added dual pouch leggings for men which you could wear them in Winter.

Last edited 1 year ago by aoelement
Raj Rai

I’ve been an underwear fanatic since b/4 puberty. So I’ve tried a considerable amount of undies over my years and I own several pairs of the elephant nose underwear. I’ve been extremely happy with them and considering throwing out all others. I only wish that I could get more colors and a bit tighter fit. But I’m about 3.5 – 4 myself and feel that there the best I’ve ever bought. Not problems with fallout.

thanks, you deserve the best.

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