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Coming from their website:
Introducing the AOELEMENT® Kangaroo Pouch™ Design x Joey Trainer & Corrector Underwear. AOELEMENT reinvented their award-winning Kangaroo Pouch Underwear serving as Joey Trainer & Corrector System™ with the design of Separate Compartments, 3-D Lift & Support Breathable Balls Pouch and RingUp contributing to a Fuller Upright to help boost blood flow and circulation and make your Joey more active and healthy for full days on the mountain, on the water, in the gym or in the office!

AOELEMENT® Kangaroo Pouch™ Underwear is the ultimate comfort underwear designed to isolate the male package reducing chafe and sticking. The stylish appearance & comfort will upgrade the way you think about your underwear at affordable prices.

There was a request to review this pair of trunks in March and they took 3 months for it to arrive because of this CoVid-19 pandemic. I hope this review provides information to the reader who wrote an email to me to review.

Originally this pair of trunks were graded with 4 stars, based on feedback from our readers and that our review had a lot of issues with the underwear, a 4 star result does not make sense. The issue is the star rating was on comfort, materials, pouch, cooling and fit which this pair of underwear doesn’t do bad. Unfortunately, the design was what didn’t work. I gave the Our Views a 1 star because of the overall design of the system pushing down the overall rating of 3.5 stars.


These trunks come in a few colors: white, black, gray and blue. Stepping back and looking at these trunks you can see some very complex design in the pouch area. You can see a mesh area for the sack and a tunnel area for your penis. From the photos on their website, it doesn’t tell you a lot of how they work since most photos are from a front view. Overall, the design is stylish with some complex pouch design.


The fit of these trunks are fitted – there is no compression to these trunks. When wearing them, it doesn’t feel that you are wearing much, but you do notice the pouch – more on that later.



Since this is a brand from China, there is limited information on them. There is mixed information on these sites and it’s not easy to find what they are really made of.  I used Google Translate to translate the label on the underwear and it came back as  95% Bamboo Rayon and 5% Spandex and the pouch area looks like 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.  Overall, the construction of these trunks aren’t bad and surprisingly most of the seams are flat in this pair of trunks. They also have a patch of silky feel fabric to cover the stitching of the waistband.


Our Views:

Again, this is not a well known brand and is sold on many of the China sites like Aliexpress, Wish or their own website. AOElement has created a branded website to start selling them to the European and American markets.

If you are looking at buying these, you need to up-size a lot. I wear a North American medium size and I had to purchase a XL for this pair. They have a chart to compare your height and weight and what size you should buy. From what I can see this is the sizes in comparison:

  • North American S = L
  • North American M = XL
  • North American L = XXL
  • North American XL = 3XL

This is only a reference.  You do need to look at your weight and height to see if this fits your shape.


I think a lot of you will compare this with Separatec and I will provide some details on this in this review. I typically would only review the product and do less comparisons, but I think it’s worth having both in the same review. It helps tell the story.

The design of these trunks is similar to the Separatec dual pouch design. It has a hole where you put our penis into and the pouch area for your sack to sit onto. The sack is mesh with a different material to keep your sack cool and let air go through. Most of the seams on this underwear are flat, but the seam through the middle of the pouch is the only seam that is not. I don’t see this as an issue. The O-Ring is less supportive as it’s just a light stitch, which may not be a bad thing. It may feel more comfortable as it will just fall into place wrapping around your penis.


The waistband on this AOElement is very similar to the quality of the Separatec; however, I do feel that the AOElement is a bit more smooth, but it could be related to the stitching of the logos. Overall stitch quality is similar – I personally think that they may be coming from the same factory.

Awkward moments

While taking photos of this pair of trunks, there were awkward moments and easily can get semi-erect.  Especially when your penis points up, you don’t have much control over how far it goes.  When you point down, there is a bit of control.  The O ring as noted before does not have much stitch to keep the O round, so it does reduce the rubbing of the penis.

Size does matter

If you have a flaccid state penis greater than 4 inches your penis will stick out pointing out.  I don’t have the exact length, but based on tape measurements and reference of my flaccid size, 4 inches seem to be a good reference.  So about 20% of our readers may not enjoy this pair of trunks.  However, even my full flaccid size, my penis will shrink in certain conditions and the world of gravity in fact pushes your penis down.


Now on the pouch design.  This trunk is designed to be worn pointing your penis up.  At first I was curious about trying to figure out how to wear this and how do I keep my flaccid penis pointing up.  I was right, the pouch is very loose and there are 3 openings.  In their ads, you can see that there are air clouds going from the top and the two sides of the pouch.  I am not sure if your penis needs 3 openings to keep it cool, but the 3 openings does cause some issues.  In the 18+ section below, you will see what I mean.  I point my penis up and through the hole, but gravity keeps on pulling it down causing my penis to bend and push outward causing the exposure of my penis.  In the ads, they don’t show a side view and it looks like the side openings don’t push outward as much.  I played around with the pouch and got it to lean less outward, but it still happens.

I would say that even at the shortest flaccid point, my penis stays through the hole the whole day.  That is much better than the Separatec boxer briefs.

There was an area that I don’t know how I should be wearing it since there are no instructions.  On the top opening there is a piece of fabric and I don’t know if it is to cover the mushroom or should I keep it open so that air flows through.  I suspect that if I have it closed there is less chances of any erection going through the pouch and pointing out of the pouch.  At that point it’s likely your penis bend with some pain and bulge outwards.


This pair has a mesh fabric for the sack pouch and the holes are not small.  You will be exposing your sack a bit, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  It does help give some air flow and different material is designed to have a bit of cool touch.


Because this is kinda dual pouch underwear and putting your penis through the O Ring takes a bit more effort.  I am not sure where the fly is and if I had to pee how should I pee.  I tried going through the left/right pouch area to pee and also did try the top opening.  All 3 openings are a bit awkward since I don’t hang in the middle, it feels that I have to pull my penis one way to go and it just doesn’t feel natural.   Since I have a very average sized flaccid penis, it does require the underwear to adjust to get my flaccid penis out of the top opening to pee.  So I am not sure how to go with this pair other than just going over the gate and taking the time to readjust to go through the penis ring after you are done.  If anybody who has a pair of these, let me know what you think.

Final views

The legs do ride up a bit, but nothing to be concerned about.  I noticed that wearing this pair of trunks and having my penis pointing up feels natural and supportive with the pouch, but shortly after wearing it my penis will tend to shrink and then it pushes the pouch area outwards and it stays like that until I either get an semi-erection by seeing something, thinking of something to get an erection.  Gravity does make things a bit awkward and it feels weird that my penis is pointing forward and I can’t have my penis hang downwards as the design does not allow it.  I think this pair deserves a second wear and another update.  I will post an update as I get a chance to wear this again.

For $9 USD a pair, the price is not bad with the quality of the trunks. The design may work for you and it may not, you really have to buy a pair to try.



Will I buy again? No.  It was a good try, but I don’t feel that this is natural. However, I did order a pair of briefs with the same design. Will see how that works out.


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Thanks for the review in details.

We will improve our products all the time and we just updated our official website and added dual pouch leggings for men which you could wear them in Winter.



Tommy L

Similar design to the black King Style briefs I’m wearing in the uncensored gallery. Though the King Style don’t have an O ring. They are some of my favorite briefs. I’ll have to take at the aoelement brand. Looks good for keeping cool.


thanks for you loving our brand, it’s cool underwear for men


These are intriguing. From the pics it looks like the o ring sits lower than in the Sheath style forcing the penis to point up. Is that correct? Is it possible to leave it pointing down?


Thanks for the clarification. I will not be getting these then. I’ve tried pointing up a few times and, even if I didn’t fall back down right away, I don’t like that feeling.


definitely yes, pointing up is not for everybody, it depends on if you joey can avoid the rules of gravity.

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