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Are you feeling my vibe? This stylish new Vibe Pro Brief is nothing but positive vibrations. Ideal for the gym, bedroom, or just vibing out, the sporty design features a cute print and stunning mesh details. And with our brilliant hang free design with fun snuggle fit, each one will leave you with no sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating, and chafing.

That just came from the Andrew Christian website. As a straight men, reviewing Andrew Christian was a challenge for me when I started to review underwear for almost a year. However, in the search for the best underwear, I should try every brand possible to see how they work with my assets. We should not discriminate underwear as all guys have the same parts and should have the opportunity to wear them. I do admit that alot of he styles offered by Andrew Christian goes way over my limit and their advertising is definitely targeted to certain market.



Andrew Christian has a lot of interesting styles from transparent mesh to colorful patterns to unique designs. This pair does have an interesting pattern to confuse your eyes and also have a mesh band from the leg to the back of the waistband. The design is nice and looks great.



These fit well and I would consider this as loosely fitted on my body. No where it’s tight and no where it’s loose. There is plenty of space in the pouch to fit large assets as my average sized package seems to still have space for something else.



These are made with 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, while the mesh contrast fabric is made with 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex. Overall construction is well made and the pattern fabric is meshed in the interior layer.


Our Views:

Andrew Christian is an American men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear brand and is well known for its underwear. Flashback, Almost Naked and Show It are the most notable products they sale and a few of our authors have reviewed their underwear. The brand heavily targets the gay community and their website operates under a gay-themed and hosting club events (before the pandemic). If you surf around their website under the blog area, you will find a lot useful information like trends for gay men, the best gay sex positions, the best place to shoot your load, etc… some information is useful for straight men, but a lot of it is definitely targeted for the gay community. In fact, I appreciate how gay men appreciate their underwear and how they care about the most important thing. Men who are nasty and dirty makes me feel sick.

To put it out there, I do not discriminate any sexual orientation and I do not feel sick or bad seeing another guys assets or showing off what I have. However, there is a limit and there is a line that has to be drawn.

Anyways, back to this pair of underwear. Just looking at the underwear, I see this pair is great for any orientation and the design is made for sports and too keep you cool. The pattern design is great and is uniformed to give it some vibe. The mesh in the back and leg area is well designed as a design element and also to keep air to flow into the underwear.

The interior fabric is mesh to keep you cool when you are exercising or activity doing something.

One thing I had to do was remove the Vibe tag on the back. It was rubbing against my skin on the back and it didn’t feel comfortable. It was much better after I removed it.

This had an inseam gusset which I found a bit too close to the front panel. The front seam touches my sack area and when moving up and down, it rubs against my sack a bit. Not that it’s uncomfortable, but guys who are showers and are more sensitive may have their foreskin rub against the flat stitch seam and may not enjoy the pair of boxer briefs.

There is no fly for the guys to use, so you will have to go over the gate and because of the looser fit, it’s not hard to pull your asset out to do your business.



Will I buy another one? No – it’s limited edition and it will be harder to find.



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Tommy L

Thanks George. You reviewed these highly and they seem comfortable and accommodating for different sizes. They seem like they may make you/one look slightly larger which is always a bonus. Haha. Even in the pic where you are the most excited, they seem to hold you well. Not a huge fan of the color but I’ll look into this brand.


Thanks for being open to review brands not targeted at your demographic. I have a pair of Andrew Christian swim trunks that I got years ago that I’ve always enjoyed, but have rarely been brave enough to wear out in the world.

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