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Andrew Christian is an American men’s fashion company that specializes in underwear, swimwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 1997 and sold primarily to small boutique stores, in 2001 the business was incorporated and they now sell worldwide via online and in boutique stores.

The Trophy Boy style is one of their collections. They advertise with the text: “For guys that are hung”.



Earlier I wrote about a Trophy Boy brief with Show it. This time I’m reviewing the regular version of the Trophy Boy collection.   The style is called the Nautical stripes limited edition which looks quite simple but stylish.  You would also notice that the Trophy Boy letters are different when you compare them to the Show It version.  The branding uses a lower case font and the contrast colors hide the branding a bit.  Dark red with blue is not always the best combination; however, the waistband is still considered stylish and maybe the word settled fits well. The extra fabric used in the pouch definitely allows for larger guys like me to feel more comfortable while showing it off and to have enough support.



The comfort of the brief is very good. When you put them on, everything falls perfectly and naturally into the pouch. The briefs surround you like a second skin. The material is very stretchable, so it actually fits for everyone. In contrast to the Show it pouch, there is less lift and not everything is pushed forward.  They feel that your package hangs down just a bit more than the lifted Show it pouch.



The brief is made of 93% Modal and 7% Spandex. The material feels super thin.  Overall, the construction is well made and the combination of the materials use is very standard in men’s underwear.



Being a premium brand, I stick to washing on cold at a regular setting, and then put them in the dryer at the low/delicate setting.


Our Views:

I am a big fan of the Trophy Boy collection and that is why I bought it. I notice that there is a reasonable difference in the size of the pouch per Trophy Boy type. This one is on the large side, but perhaps that is also due to the material that has been used. The material is very soft and has enough stretch. It also moves with all the movements you make like a second skin. Especially the pouch makes me enjoy wearing it. The free feeling together with the support ensures that they are always comfortable.

There is no fly for this pair of briefs and with a low waist, it’s easy to pull them down when you need to go. On the back, the briefs cover up the buttocks well and keeps them supported.

If they were still available I would absolutely buy them again.



Would I buy again? Yes, because the briefs are very good looking and super comfortable.

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Thanks for sharing the review! The briefs give your butt a nice profile. Unlike a lot of briefs these show off the butt cheeks with a little separation and definition.


Another great review Mick! You look great in both Comparing the two, I like the Show-It one better. May be it is the fonts on the waistband. May be it is just the colour. Looking at horizontal stripes on my small screen make me dizzy lol!


Thanks Richard! Nice to hear that you like the reviews! In terms of look they are indeed very different. I also think the Show-it is more beautiful.


I think you should do some 18+ pics so we can see how this underwear works. I would love to see how this pair works because I am considering to buy something similar.


Mick, another good Andrew Christian review. Do you own other AC collections? Looking forward to read and see more from you!


Thanks Raid! I think I have an Almost Naked boxer. Other than that, I have no other Andrew Christian style besides a few more Trophy Boy.


I see. I think I read a review of an almost naked review on this site. Will you review it?


First I will write reviews about other underwear. Maybe the Almost Naked will come up later.



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