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Andrew Christian is an American men’s fashion company that specializes in underwear, swimwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 1997 and sold primarily to small boutique stores, in 2001 the business was incorporated and they now sell worldwide via online and in boutique stores.

The Trophy Boy style is one of their collections. They advertise with the text: “For guys that are hung”.



This pair of underwear looks like a normal pair of briefs. The black fabric with contrast lines to show off the lines. They look very stylish with an appearance that is not too striking – overall very simple. Trophy Boy is printed in large letters on the two tone waistband. The extra fabric used in the show-it pouch definitely allows for larger guys like me to feel more comfortable while showing it off.



The brief is very comfortable. In the beginning it takes some getting used to putting everything in the Show-it pouch. Once you are used to it, you do this without thinking about it. I sometimes read on the internet that people suffer from the bottom of the pouch passage. I have never had this problem and I have always experienced it as comfortable. The pouch is also large enough in size. The material has enough stretch to give everything a good fit.



The brief is made of 93% rayon (bamboo) and 7% Lycra. The material is quite thin, so it does allow your package to breath and it doesn’t get sweaty.



Being a premium brand, I stick to washing on cold at a regular setting, and then put them in the dryer at the low/delicate setting.


Our Views:

A few years ago, Andrew Christian introduced the Trophy Boy line with Show-it to their range. Show-it is a push up pocket inside the underwear. Because I had been a fan of the normal Trophy Boy collection for years, I wanted to try it out. After trying them out, I fell in love with this pair of underwear. It is very comfortable to wear all day long. The combination of Trophy Boy and Show-it is amazing. The space of the Trophy Boy and the effect of the Show-it is very nice. The Show-it pouch in particular gives an extra boost, which looks very nice. For the guys, who like to show off what they have, these create a nice effect under jeans and a nice bulge to let others to admire!

You may need to do more manscaping if you want to show this pair off as the waistline is quite low. It definitely shows off your V lines! When putting it on, the waistband just starts above the shaft of your penis. The back of the brief covers up the buttocks well and doesn’t move around in activity. They do not have any properties to help enhance the look or any lifting in the butt.


Would I buy again? Yes, because it is a great combination and the fitting around the body is very nice

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Great review, Mick! The photos of you wearing them certainly help demonstrate just how large the pouch is and how front and centre they place your boys. It certainly take a certainly size to fill it out and they look great on you.
I think they are a bit too revealing for my liking but they look really comfortable.


Thank you! The pouch is indeed large and they do show enough, but it is one of the most comfortable briefs I have.


Nice review Mick! I see that the pouch area is large! How do they look when you put them on?


Hi Raid, thanks! I have added a few extra photos.


Thanks for showing how they fit. The pouch is large and they fit nicely on you! Thanks for the great review.

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