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I was looking for swimwear with enough coverage to wear poolside while also able to wear comfortably under longer swim shorts. Andrew Christian designs underwear and swimwear with more flair and aesthetic appeal. The brand is targeted predominantly at gay and trans men wanting to flaunt their equipment. These trunks are actually some of the most modest they offer.



This pair of low-rise, square cut trunks is all black. It has since been updated and now is black/white, blue/white, or navy with a small mesh accent on the outside leg.


The polyamide/spandex combination would definitely be classified as compression. Everything is very snug, including the leg openings. They actually ride up and constrict too much in the thighs. The waist and thighs have limited stretch. The ultra-low rise at the waist wants to creep down in the back showing off my butt and requires more careful manscaping in the front. The waist sits about an inch above my shaft. The stitching under the butt is supportive and gives a little lift to my cheeks which can be helpful when you have a flat butt like I do. A more athletic build or thicker thighs would make these nearly impossible to wear.


​Made of 80% Polyamide/20% Spandex, with a 90% Nylon/10% Spandex liner. The seams do not lay flat and put pressure on my skin. The bulky brand tag in the back is not easily removed and is quite itchy during wear. The material feels smooth and cool and dries quickly. It does not drip water after swimming or washing.


Our Views:

I want to like these swim trunks. I feel sexy when I wear them and wish I was brave enough to wear them publicly. When I ordered them I did not do enough research into the Andrew Christian brand so I naively thought they could be an everyday pair of trunks. While I know there are guys out there that would happily wear these to the public pool or beach, I apparently, am not one of them. I think they are meant to be enjoyed by onlookers more than the wearer. They did work great as an alternative to a speedo when swimming laps. They have minimal drag and they keep everything tight to the body. Lounging at the pool allowed for minimal tan lines, though the black fabric did get a little hot in the sun.
The pouch is shaped to fit my package and support everything comfortably. The inner liner did not stay formed to the outer shell. When flaccid there was an awkward fabric fold where the head of my penis should have been, but the liner wouldn’t allow him to sit there. I feel that the pouch was too tight for average-sized me, and a larger-than-average man would not be comfortable in these. Because they are so tight they hid a boner well. Unfortunately, they were not comfortable to wear while excited as there was nowhere for my man to go. You can see in pics below that I could reposition him to point up and to the side, but that became fairly obvious. When pointing straight up he pops over the waistband because of how low they sit. If this were a pair of underwear it may not be a significant problem. For a visible garment, though, I would want something with room to move while staying discreet.



Will I buy another one? No. The fabric was very comfortable, but the fit was not what I expected. The price isn’t crazy for swimwear ($41USD), but is more than I would spend on swimwear I wouldn’t wear publicly.


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I like this ones a lot. Black and not very flashy. That style of swim wear is very appealing to me. Looking good!


Great review man, I think I’d bust out of these!


They look good on you but your boner is definitely too big for them!


Great review! Would you try other styles of Andrew Christian briefs/swim trunks in the future?


I totally agree with you! I feel like a lot of pouch underwear end up enhancing the bulge and making your package look bigger and I wish they focused more on the fit and feel of the underwear instead.


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