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Andrew Christian is an American men’s fashion company that specializes in underwear, swimwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 1997 and sold primarily to small boutique stores, in 2001 the business was incorporated and they now sell worldwide via online and in boutique stores. Their target market is the gay community for which they have a strong following; however, I highly recommend that the straight guys tryout this brand, in particular their “Almost Naked” line which is available in  briefs, boxer briefs, jocks, thongs and a whole bunch of other styles. Today I will be reviewing the “Fly Almost Naked Brief” which has a usable fly.



These briefs have a high leg opening so they are more fashionable than the standard brief of the past. 3 different colour combinations are available, but they only produce them for a season and then they bring out a new limited edition set of colours. It’s a great marketing game that gets me going back and ordering every season. As you can see in the pictures above I own 9 pairs of these briefs. The pair I’m wearing is the more subdued heather grey, with a thick blue waistband and leg openings. The fly is in red which adds some fun. The fly is functional, but it takes quite a bit of work to get around all the fabric inside  and I find I usually just go over the gate.The waistband has CHRISTIAN spelled out all around, and the small tag on the front sports the company’s white cross logo with a black background.



These are hands down my favourite fit of any daily brief. The cotton is super soft and thicker than a lot other brands.The 95% Cotton/5% Spandex mix is perfect and they keep their shape all day. The“Anatomically Correct Pouch” is larger than most pouches and allows your balls to hang more naturally, while the high leg opening keeps them in the pouch so there is no movement or contact with your legs. The cock and balls fit naturally into the pouch when you put them on, so no adjustment is needed. There is no left or right option for your cock, it sits prominently in the middle, so it is a bit showy, however the thickness of the fabric does not show any outlines. The fly option provides an extra layer of fabric inside of the pouch, which helps with any droplets that may happen if you didn’t shake enough at the urinal😁.

These feel great if you are wearing regular or loose fitting pants or shorts. Skinny jeans or anything tight fitting is where these seem to fail and I prefer to wear something with more lift for the boys. I wouldn’t recommend these for workouts, as there is no mesh cooling and again you would probably want a bit more lift.



Being a premium brand, the elastics and fabric are of a high quality and the stitching is done so well, that I have never felt it even on the waistband. These are “tagless” and the washing instructions are printed on the inside. The larger pouch is a big plus, the one biggest beef I have with many companies is that the pouch relates to the waist size which means when I buy a size small waist my package ends up being squished into the front. I don’t have that problem with these at all. I have owned a couple of these for over a year and the fit and shape has remained.



Being a premium brand, I stick to washing on cold at a regular setting, and then put them in the dryer at the low/delicate setting.


Our Views:

As I mentioned earlier, I love these underwear for fit, comfort and construction. The elastic keeps them in place so you never get that “wedgie” feeling of the fabric slipping into you bum. They cost $30 (CAD) on their website, but they often have good sales and I got a couple of last season’s colours for $9.99 at the start of COVID19.



Order one pair, and I would bet you will be like me and go back and buy more!! I even ordered some of the “Fly” in the jockstrap… but that is another review! Gay or Straight, don’t deny yourself the chance of experiencing the comfort of these briefs.
Would I buy again? Yes


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Mike L

Thanks for the thorough review. The colours are fun!

Jake S

Thanks Mike! Andrew Christian knows how to make quality underwear fun with their designs and colours.

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