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Andrew Christian is an American men’s fashion company that specializes in underwear, swimwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 1997 and sold primarily to small boutique stores, in 2001 the business was incorporated and they now sell worldwide via online and in boutique stores.

The Almost Naked style is one of their collections.



The boxer brief looks like a pretty standard pair of underwear. All pouches in the Almost Naked series are equipped with an anatomically correct pouch. The premium feeling of the boxer brief is immediately present. The waistband says “Andrew Christian” in large letters and uses different blue colors to show it off. I would say it’s not as in our face because of the single tone, but sometimes how the brand shows is not the most important thing to see.



The underwear feels very nice and fits well around the body. My package falls into the pouch by itself and there is no need to make any adjustments. Being well-endowed, I have lots of trouble finding underwear that fits nicely with my size and this type of underwear is well appreciated by men like me. If you have tried the Trophy Boy collection, the first thing you will notice when you put this on is that the pouch is not as big as Trophy Boy. Based on our survey, most of our readers the pouch area will definitely be big enough for you – if you have the same trouble as I, then it may fit a bit on the tighter side.



This pair of boxer briefs is made of 93% Rayon from Bamboo and 7% Spandex. The material is not very thick, but the good quality makes it feel nice. It also ensures sufficient cooling, so it doesn’t get sweaty down there.



Being a premium brand, I stick to washing on cold at a regular setting, and then put them in the dryer at the low/delicate setting.


Our Views:

I am a big fan of Andrew Christian underwear, especially the versions with a larger pouch. I bought this on sale, because this version is no longer made and you can only buy whatever is made and shipped to other vendors who still have it in stock. As I wrote before, the pouch feels a bit smaller than with Trophy Boy and the Almost Naked pouch keeps everything closer together. When I first put them on it felt on the tight side, especially in the pouch. I do think pouch underwear is great and because I am used to wearing this, I know roughly how it should fit. After wearing it a few times I noticed that the pouch has slowly stretched a bit. This is normal for a lot of underwear and it does take time for the fabric to wrap around your body. It doesn’t stretch further after the first few wears and now it’s roughly the same.
If you are used to the Trophy Boy collection, this pair does give you a completely different feel. This is something I will have to get used to and this boxer brief is made to fit a little closer around the package. Boxer Briefs are designed to fit around your body and to keep your package in place and I do feel that this does well. It’s much different from briefs that I am used to wearing. This could be another reason why I feel this is different in comparison to the Trophy Boy briefs I have previously reviewed.
As with basically all pouch underwear, the package is lifted off the body. This ensures that when you have a well-filled pouch, it ensures a good bulge. I like this myself and because pouch underwear is so comfortable, that is no problem for me.
There is no fly for this pair of briefs and with a fairly low waist. There is also no label in it, but the text is printed on the back inside. As a result, you will never suffer from irritating labels. The only downside is that the legs roll up a bit, but they are not enough to make you uncomfortable. It is a pity that they are not just a bit longer, because then this may not be a problem.



Would I buy again? Yes, because the comfort and the feeling around the body are nice. The pouch is also nice, if you are used to it.

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Mick, this is another great review. I didn’t see your review for quite some time and thought you have stopped writing for Wearviews like other authors. The blue colour is nice and I like it!


Sorry for the late response! Thank you!

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