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American Eagle Outfitters is another North American brand having over 1000 stores in this region of the world. So not all guys will know this brand. In the Americas, most men would have owned a brand of their underwear. American Eagle has had some conflicts with A&F and has gone through some legal actions since there were times where both companies’ designs were very similar. However, A&F was considered a “near-luxury” brand; whereas, American Eagle is considered to be “retro/vintage” cost-efficient clothing.

Background with reviewer’s history :
There was  a period in my life where I loved to wear loose boxers and that was around my early 20s to mid 30s.  The transition from tighty whities to something different.  I wanted the feel of not wearing underwear, but also not going commando.  Overtime, things have changed and I have moved into trunks & boxer briefs.At the time of writing this review, the survey on the type of underwear my reader wears, loose boxers are very low.  It could be because I have reviewed mostly boxer briefs and it has drawn the boxer brief crowd and not the loose boxers crowd.  It’s hard to know how many people are still wearing loose boxers as you won’t be identifying people on the street what type of underwear they wear.

I am not sure if other men have followed a similar transition from different types of underwear over my lifetime.  If you are interested in sharing, you can drop me a line through email ( or leave a message on this review on Facebook.

Why wear Boxers?

There are some reasons why a man would want to wear boxer shorts.  One benefit is to improve your testicular health.  There are studies that say men who wear boxers are typically healthier and hopefully increase the chances of fertility.



American Eagle has lots of designs and they are endless.  If you go and search the Internet with American Eagle Boxers – you will find tons of designs.  They do range from plaid patterns, to pictures of objects, prints of money, American Eagle logo, American Flag.  You can name it and they will have it – I feel that some of these are very gimmicky, but sometimes you do need some fun pair of underwear.  The pair we are reviewing here has Just two words – Shake it.  It has images of the word having the feeling of it being shaken and also a bunch of glow in the dark words too.  So if you wear these in the dark, you will be able to see Shake it glow.   I have taken some photos for your reference.  Not sure why they say Shake It, but I guess it means I should be shaking my package with these boxers???

The 1.5 inch waistband shows a big American Eagle branding which shows well when you were following the sagging fashion trend.  This was something that was a trend where guys would expose your boxer shorts when wearing jeans – they call it sagging fashion.  Sagging was a trend in the 1990s and later became a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness among some youths or a symbol of their rejection of the values of mainstream society.  It is often claimed the style originated from the United States prison system where belts are sometimes prohibited and there can be a lack of appropriately sized clothing.  Many states in the United States have passed laws to punish sagging in certain places in cities or venues.  American Eagle even went further to create jeans with the waistband of the American Eagle Boxers (like a 2N1 jeans).



Boxer Shorts are typically loose and gives you the feeling of not wearing anything.  One thing Boxer Shorts lacks is support for your package. They aren’t going to be a great idea when you go working out. Boxers are really for moments when support is not needed. Wearing them under a suit at an event or at work would be good.

It’s interesting that this pair of boxers are sized small; while, I do wear medium in most underwear, but cos I do fit at the end of small and medium.  If you don’t want your package to bounce around too much and you fit in between two sizes  you may want to consider downsizing.  Why?  Larger sizes typically need to account for the larger edge of the size which means more fabric to hide into your jeans. These boxers are considered loose fit and do give you the feeling of going commando.



These boxers are made with 100% Cotton.  I have noticed that the newer American Eagle shorts have a little more spandex and less cotton to give these shorts a little more stretch.  However, this pair does not have any stretch at all.  The fabric is smooth, cool to touch and the stitching is flat.  Since they are loose, they definitely do not have rubbing.  The waistband has some special treatment to make them a little softer and smooth.  The A&F waistband is more smoother though.


Our Views:

Since I’ve worn boxers for over a decade, I think I have enough experience to say a few cons of them.  If you have read other reviews of boxer shorts, you can skip the next section and read the back to boxers section.

Cons of Boxers
If you have been a guy who is used to having your package well placed and supported all your life then wearing boxers may be a problem. The feeling of freedom and no support may cause unexpected boners caused by rubbing of your penis.
Another problem you may experience is when you have unexpected erections, your boner may be pointing out of your pants.  In that situation, I hope you were not wearing sweatpants.  With other underwear, the underwear will help control how much it can extend forward.
When wearing tight jeans or pants, loose boxers are hard to hide into the pants. There is a lot of fabric to fit into the pants. It’s great if you have loose pants, but wearing them under tight pants will not work.

Back to these Boxers
These boxers have some nice features like the glow in the dark words, which feels gimmicky, but it’s a nice to half.  Think of you lying in bed at night and seeing your boxers light up for sometime.  Your partner may consider it sexy when pulling your pants down in the dark?  Would it?  Anyways, these boxers are considered loose, but I have downsized this so they feel a bit better in controlling my package from bouncing too much.  I wore these boxers under the BN3TH Relax shorts to see if they will produce more heat.  Walking around under the BN3TH Relax shorts it felt okay because both shorts are a bit loose and air can go up from the openings to cool down your package.  I sat down starting to work and heat started to build up, so I took the BN3TH Relax shorts off.  Stood up and walked around and then the cool air started to cool my package down again.  Further, I started to work with just these boxers on and it was good until the extra started to push towards my sack and heat started building up.  Moving around in the chair, fabric tends to move around and there are cases where it pulls some public hair or sack causing some uncomfortable scenes.  There are times where I need to stand up, pull the shorts down and cool things back.

I feel that this happens to most loose boxers since there is not compression in the legging area.  From the photo showing the underneath of the boxers when wearing them, you can see how level of opening of the legs. There are definite pros and cons with the legs opening up.  I mentioned above that when walking around cool air does go up and cool things down.  However, the loose leg opening causes the legs to roll up and cause wedgies in your groin area.  Which is one of the reasons why I moved from loose boxers to boxer briefs.

I really like the feeling of not wearing anything, but I don’t like going Commando as I do want some protection between zippers and my penis.  It also feels cleaner having underwear to soak up anything your penis leaks out during different times of the day.  Wearing boxers at home by themselves does make you feel relaxed; however, if you do anything active or have to run around quickly, you may want some support and these boxers will not work for you.

This boxer also has a fly without a button. I think I would rather go over the gate on these boxers, since the waistband can be pulled easily, but if I need to remove a belt and button to pull down the boxers, I may opt to use the fly. The fly opening is not large, but enough for you to go through the gate if you decide to do so.



Will I buy again: Maybe – American Eagle has a lot of styles and if I am in the market for some stylish boxers, American Eagle is good.  I may consider buying a stretch loose boxer from them to review in the future. I will still have a pair or two boxer shorts in my wardrobe to wear at home.


If you own a pair, please review below – it’s just one click. If you have questions/comments, you can leave anonymously below. Did you answer the survey above?

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Scott Heyne

Worst quality of underwear; and I have tried numerous times because they feel great and love the designs….unfortunately they just do not hold up.


I was never a fan of boxers other than sleeping in until now when I’ve been at home more.
Great review!

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