Adidas Climacool Micro Mesh Trunks $17.99 CAD
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The Climacool technology is designed and used by Adidas to provide moisture control and ventilation to athletes. To keep away moisture and allow the fabric to breathe, Climacool uses engineering material, which allows for micro-ventilation.



These trunks designs are exactly the same the Adidas Climalite boxers. The only difference is the size (Trunk vs Boxer Briefs). The stitching is a little different and it could be because of the different colors being offered. The gusset/pouch stitch uses the same color stitch as the underwear and the side/leg stitch uses the contrast color. The back stitch also uses the same color as the underwear stitching. At the time of writing this review, I notice that Adidas has newer designs for the waistband and have different designs. Seems like their design team has been busy trying out the waters.



The fit of these trunks are great. As I have noted in many of my boxer brief reviews, I do not like trunks as much as boxer briefs. However, these trunks are not bad as the legs do not roll up and I can say that my sweaty package was not as sweaty the day I was wearing them. In short, the Climacool fabric is great and it does do its job well. If you have sweaty packages like mine, I will highly suggest these Climacool technology underwear.



The construction of these trunks are exactly the same as the other Adidas underwear. The stitch are flat and do not rub against the skin. The fabric is fully meshed with the pouch area being double layered. The waistband is not the softest possible, but is good enough to not create any irritation.

Climacool vs Climalite
I would like to spend some time to talk about Climacool and Climalite. You will see the same content in the Adidas Climalite boxer review. If you have read this, you can skip down to our views section. Climalite cools the body by draining away liquid sweat from the body while Climacool provides moisture control and ventilation. Climalite uses cotton in the outer layer of the fabric and uses synthetic cool to touch fabric underneath where the fabric touches your skin. The synthetic fabric on the Climalite makes the fabric feel softer and some Climalite fabrics may add a hydrophilic coating to enhance sweat pulling. On the other side, Climacool uses engineering materials who creates micro-ventilation and three-dimensional fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin.


Our Views:

When you touch these trunks, they feel cool and they seem to continue to feel cool. I have been wearing many different pairs of underwear for the past few weeks and I would say this pair does very well in keeping my package cool. I wake up in the morning and there is only a little heat and not sweaty at all. I haven’t been a big fan of trunks because of the leg roll up issues, but this pair does have some inseam, but seems to be able to keep them around the thighs and not around my groin area. Less fabric in the groin area means less heat build up and less uncomfortable moments.



Will I buy again? YES – they really keep me cool.

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