Abercrombie & Fitch - MacIntyre Bridge Boxer Briefs
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Throwback Today Series

I am creating this ThrowBack Today Series (I am aware of TBT stands for Throwback Thursday) for clothing that is no longer available on the market. While I was doing some cleaning up, I found in my wardrobe a bunch of clothes that are brand new or lightly used and it seems like I forgot about them. Since they are still good to wear, I was thinking of doing a review on these clothes that may have newer versions of the same collection on the market. It’s possible that these brands have released newer modern styles of these clothing.

Abercrombie & Fitch has a bunch of hot guys with 6 packs in their ads.  However, a lot of guys who wear their clothes don’t always have such abs.  Their clothes are unique to certain markets since their largest size may still be a bit small for some men.  They are typically slimmer fit (muscle fit in their terms) and they do have a more fitted culture.



A&F called these Boxer Briefs, but I think they are considered trunks as it has a 3 inch inseam.  I understand lots of people call trunks boxer trunks, so I guess the terms are interchangeable.  The style of this pair of trunks are similar to the yellow pair that I recently reviewed, and they aren’t very stylish too.   Black fabric seems to be #1 color for men’s underwear according to our site’s survey, so I guess you guys must like this type of underwear.  Although they are not very stylish, A&F won’t let you down and have added some neon green varsity logo on the left thigh and the same green as the waist band.  The contrast color does give it some flare.   These won’t draw too much attention to your package, but the green will still make it stand out.  A very nice combination.


These trunks are considered fitted.  These fit much better than the Saranac Lake (yellow) boxers when wearing them. There is no discomfort at all or over tightness in any area.  The thigh area is well fitted and it does reduce the rolling up.  Not saying that they don’t roll up, but a bit less than some other brands.  The roll up does not go high enough to make me feel discomfort or causing any overheat in my sack.  This could also be related to the slim fit culture at A&F.  I caught myself pulling down the boxers a few times when wearing them.



Since these trunks are old – I found the order confirmation in my email inbox and they are from 2013. I actually bought these in the same order as the Saranac Lake trunks – so it is about 7 years old.   I’m sure they have been sitting in the basket for 5 years not being loved by me.   These are made with 94% cotton and 6% Elastane.  The 6% elastane does give them a bit of a stretch and they do have 1% extra elastane when compared to the Saranac Lake – not sure if it makes that much of a difference though. Stitching is at par to underwear at this price.


Our Views:

These are great trunks for spring/fall weather.  They use soft sueded cotton which is considered a little bit thicker and quite durable in comparison to other cotton trunks I’ve reviewed.  The black on green gives you some flare, but also gives you the conservative look.   I wore them over a day working from home and the legs have not rolled up to a point of discomfort. They are a bit slimmer fit, but not to a point that it is not uncomfortable.  This pair is definitely thinner than the Saranac Lake version (Yellow) and I didn’t feel my sack as hot/wet after the same period of time in the same chair.  It didn’t feel sticky, so I would consider this as a pass.  These trunks do not have a fly, so going over the gate is the only option.  They are slimmer fit, so pull over the gate may need additional effort.  The U shape stitch in the back supports your butt and the pouch stitch also supports your package quite well.  The pouch area is dual layered and because of the thick material it will cause more heat.



Will I buy again: Will consider –  I haven’t gone into an A&F store for quite some time.  I may consider buying another pair to see how they are nowadays.  Unfortunately, men’s underwear do not change much and they just continue to iterate their designs. Some men totally don’t care about the comfort and design of their underwear, but there are men who are interested in getting the best possible.  One thing I am missing is the 6 pack to match the brand.  If you own a pair, please review below – it’s just one click.

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