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Throwback Today Series

I am creating this ThrowBack Today Series *I am aware of TBT stands for Throwback Thursday) for clothing that is no longer available on the market. While I was doing some cleaning up, I found in my wardrobe a bunch of clothes that are brand new or lightly used and it seem like I forgot about them. Since they are still good to wear, I was thinking of doing a review on these clothes that may have newer versions of the same collection on the market. It’s possible that these brands have released newer modern styles of these clothing.

Abercrombie & Fitch has a bunch of hot guys with 6 packs in their ads.  However, a lot of guys who wear their clothes don’t always have such abs.  Their clothes are unique to certain markets since their largest size may still be a bit small for some men.  They are typically slimmer fit (muscle fit in their terms) and they do have a more fitted culture.
These loose boxer shorts are the first of a series of boxers that I would be reviewing.  They are all throwback underwear, since I have changed from loose boxers to boxer briefs for some time.

There was  a period in my life where I loved to wear loose boxers and that was around my early 20s to mid 30s.  The transition from tighty whities to something different.  I wanted the feel of not wearing underwear, but also not going commando.  Overtime, things have changed and I have moved into trunks & boxer briefs.
At the time of writing this review, the survey on the type of underwear my reader wears, loose boxers are very low.  It could be because I have reviewed mostly boxer briefs and it has drawn the boxer brief crowd and not the loose boxers crowd.  It’s hard to know how many people are still wearing loose boxers as you won’t be identifying people on the street what type of underwear they wear.

I am not sure if other men have followed a similar transition from different types of underwear over my lifetime.  If you are interested in sharing, you can drop me a line through email (team@wearviews.com) or leave a message on this review on Facebook.

There are some reasons why a man would want to wear boxer shorts.  One benefit is to improve your testicular health.  There are studies that say men who wear boxers are typically healthier and hopefully increase the chances of fertility.



These boxers are designed with a plaid pattern, which looks refreshing. Boxers do have lots of style and can express the man you are. Overall, these boxers do look sharp and I think your other half will enjoy seeing you in them too.
The waistband doesn’t have enough styling to show to the crowd.  This was something that was a trend where guys would expose your boxer shorts when wearing jeans – they call it sagging fashion.  Sagging was a trend in the 1990s and later became a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness among some youths or a symbol of their rejection of the values of mainstream society.  It is often claimed the style originated from the United States prison system where belts are sometimes prohibited and there can be a lack of appropriately sized clothing.  Many states in the United States have passed laws to punish sagging in certain places in cities or venues.



Boxer Shorts are typically loose and gives you the feeling of not wearing anything.  One thing Boxer Shorts lacks is support for your package. They aren’t going to be a great idea when you go working out. Boxers are really for moments when support is not needed. Wearing them under a suit at an event or at work would be good.
These boxers are considered slim fit in boxers standards. They do give you the feeling of going commando, but not loose enough for your package to bounce around.  Some boxers are very loose and let your package bounce everywhere; however, these shorts do help manage the whole package a bit. Walking around in them, my package doesn’t bounce around at all.


Since these boxers are old – I found the order confirmation in my email inbox and they are from 2013. So about 7 years old. I couldn’t find what material they are made of, but it feels like some synthetic material. When you grab them, you can hear the sound of the fabric like plastic bags.  If these were boxer briefs, I would have been concerned with this type of fabric because of the concerns of them being not breathable.  Since they are boxers, there is lots of room for air to pass through, so breathable is not a problem.

Our Views:

Since I’ve worn boxers for over a decade, I think I have enough experience to say a few cons of them.

Cons of Boxers
If you have been a guy who is used to having your package well placed and supported all your life then wearing boxers may be a problem. The feeling of freedom and no support may cause unexpected boners caused by rubbing of your penis.
Another problem you may experience is when you have unexpected erections, your boner may be pointing out of your pants.  In that situation, I hope you were not wearing sweatpants.  With other underwear, the underwear will help control how much it can extend forward.
When wearing tight jeans or pants, loose boxers are hard to hide into the pants. There is a lot of fabric to fit into the pants. It’s great if you have loose pants, but wearing them under tight pants will not work.
Back to these Boxers
Let’s talk a little bit about these boxers. These A&F plaid boxers are slim fit and control your package a bit from pointing forward too much. The fabric is nice and the style is not boring at all.  The waistband is one of the softest in the market. It’s very soft inside and definitely no rubbing on your skin today.
There is a fly with these boxers and no buttons on them.  It’s unlikely you will expose yourself when wearing by themselves. Most likely I would be using the fly when wearing these. Pulling them down may be a little effort because of the slimmer fit.


Will I buy again: Maybe – you can’t buy these anymore; however, I may still have a pair or two boxer shorts in my wardrobe to wear at home. The only thing missing is the 6 pack to match the brand.

If you own a pair, please review below – it’s just one click. If you have questions/comments, you can leave anonymously below. Did you answer the survey above?

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