2(x)ist Men's A-Shirt Tank Top $39 USD for 3
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2(X)IST is one of the leader in design and innovation, has established a namesake synonymous with superior fit, fashion and performance functionality. I have previously reviewed the EVOLVE designed by 2(X)IST, but those were square shaped tanks and these are the classic tanks. So how different are they?



These athletic shirts are similar to the day-to-day athletic shirts that most men wear. These are black but they do come in white, so you can wear them while wearing a white shirt. The rib on these shirts are not as visible as some other ribbed athletic shirts.  The ribs are actually spaced with a regular fabric, so that you have a patterned look in them  You may not be able to see them because we are reviewing the black version. These are not as stylish as the EVOLVE version that we reviewed previously. One thing to note is that the tag is printed on the inside back of the shirt and it is printed with silver color which does bring a little touch to the style, but these are really for yourself and not for others to see.



These tanks are fitted as most tanks they should be well fitted and should not be loose. They fit snugly and are not tight at all. There were times I even wondered if I was wearing an undershirt.



These undershirts are made very well. They are very soft and made out of 100% cotton. If you really had to compare these with the Hanes super soft cotton, these will blow the Hanes out of the water. If they call that super soft, these are extremely ultra soft. The seams are not flat however there is no shafting on my skin so that is not a problem at all. Also the skin that touches this athletic shirt is not as sensitive as the groin area for underwear.


Our Views:

These undershirts are not as unique as the other one we reviewed but they do look nice.  If you compare these to the Amazon essentials that I reviewed recently and praised it with good reviews, these are a little bit better than the Amazon. The material is a bit thicker and a bit more softer than the Amazon.  These are wider after a wash and they do not stretch as much as the Amazon, so maybe that is why there are times where I felt that I was not wearing any undershirt. These are softer and have a little bit more style.  So are these worth more than double the price when comparing it to the Amazon essential undershirts? It’s very hard to say that these are not worth it, but I would really have to try it out and compare it after a number of washes to see if they last or not. If they last I would say it is worth buying these undershirts as the material is a bit thicker, softer and it did give me the feeling that you are not wearing it.



Will I buy again? Yes

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