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I have reviewed every collection offered by 2UNDR from Swing Shift to Power Shift. They recently discontinued the Night Shift collection and introduced this new Eco Shift version. Let’s see how this new collection compares.



The EcoShift collection only comes in pattern designs and not solid colors. So guys who like the conservative solids will lose out or pick a pattern design. The patterns do provide some interesting views and also hides the bulges at bit so even wearing them by themselves you aren’t showing a big bulge. This pattern is called Pods which is a bunch of whales printed on a brown fabric. I do think this one is the closes to a conservative pair.



I consider this pair a relaxed fit. They don’t compress on the legs or anywhere, and lightly supports your package. It is a very good attempt to make it feel like you are not wearing underwear.



As all other 2UNDR underwear, this pair is well made and made with eco fabric. That’s why the collection is called Eco Shift. The fabric is man with renewable resources and they came that they are made with certified compostable and biodegradable materials.


Our Views:

Sometimes eco products just don’t work as well as the chemical induced products, but to be a good citizen we should look for more eco friendly products so that the next generation could enjoy our planet.

Overall, the fabric is still soft and smooth. I could feel the difference between cotton and modal fabrics in comparison to this eco friendly, but it’s still a very good. I do prefer solid colors over patterned underwear, but pattern underwear does help make things complex and doesn’t put the focus on the bulge. I wish they offer solids for guys who like to be more conservative.

I am always scared that this pair of underwear will compost when I wear them, but I assume you need to throw them into the soil for it to turn into a renewable resource. I recall plastic bags just falling apart over time. I hope underwear won’t be like that. Or it could be a nice way to surprise your other half??

I feel that the legs did better than other collections. I admit the legs still roll up a bit, but it feels that it rolls up less than other 2UNDR collections. Even with the roll up it did not cause any discomfort. A little adjustments after going to the washroom is enough to keep you feeling great all day.

It keeps you cool, but doesn’t give you the cooling effect. As with the pouch, I did not feel much of the lifting of my sack too much which is good. It just feels very natural and nothing too over to make you uncomfortable. My sack doesn’t touch the U shape pouch at the bottom, but if I knee down, I could feel the lift to the sack. So if you have a lower hanging sack, this will help keep the sack in place.

Overall, I’m pleased with this pair of eco shift boxer briefs. They are designed for everyday usage and it adds the eco side to men’s underwear.


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Will I buy another one? Yes.




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Tommy L

Nice! Apex predator! Is the eco friendly material also soft and comfortable? You gave 4/5 stars – so I guess so. I’ve found that some eco fabrics aren’t that soft. Thanks for the review! Looks like the brown part is pretty sheer. Is that your skin showing thru or just the color? I’ll have to chk these out.

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