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With 2UNDR you can feel it right away, pure heavenly softness. The Swing Shift caresses the skin with the finest beechwood fibre in the signature modal fabric. Additionally, the material resists shrinkage, and is less likely to fade or pill as a result of friction. The smoothness of the fabric also rejects hard water deposits, allowing it to remain soft through repeated wash cycles.


These 2UNDR Swing Shift trunks are exactly the same as the boxers in the styling department. They do offer 42 different styles ranging from solid colors to prints and patterns. Definitely they have something to satisfy your taste. I previously purchased the black/gold and light blue for the boxer briefs version of the swing shift collection and loved how these fit. Today we are reviewing the orange version of this pair of trunks in the same collection. The waistband comes with the 2UNDR logo across and is nice with the gray and white combination. The Joey pouch tab is consistent with the boxer briefs and a way to tell you that there is something inside. The fly area does show the contrast gray mesh fabric to add some complexity to the trunks. They also added the fabric to cover up the connection stitch in the back to round up the design.

One thing I would like to make note of is the packaging of the underwear. 2UNDR has designed the boxes to match the color and pattern of the underwear. You can see the box has some parts of orange to tell you that this pair is orange. I really like how they did this and it shows the attention of detail.



Fitted. These trunks fit great. I’m always concerned with trunks and reviewing numerous pairs of underwear, I have decided to try more variations since some brands/collections surprise me and they did work well. As noted in the previous review, 2UNDR offers these in 3″ Trunks, 6″ Boxer Briefs and 9″ Long Leg Boxers. The Joey pouch is very similar to other pouch underwear like BN3TH Classic Boxer and the NU Athletic pouch. These boxers are from the Swing Shift collection which is designed for active comfort.



2UNDR uses a flatlock stitching and construction seams that are purposely placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel. The waistband uses the highest quality yarn which is roll-resistant. The Joey Pouch uses a mesh fabric in the interior and the Lenzing Modal fabric to cover the fly. The gray contrast fabric is actually a thermal reduction fabric that features a hydrophobic membrane that quickly disperses sweat.


Our Views:

This pair of 2UNDR is part of the SwingShift Collection which uses an unique Lenzing Modal fabric. They do have other collections which use different blends of fabric. The Joey Pouch is constructed to support your boys. The pouch does elevate your package a little and separates from your thighs to ensure there is no unwanted contact.

As noted from above, I have already reviewed the Swing Shift Boxer Briefs and this time I wanted to see if the trunks were as good as the boxer briefs. I would say that these trunks did not disappoint me at all. Originally I was concerned with the roll up of the legs with trunks and causing discomfort because trunks are typically shorter and easier to roll up into the groin area causing heat and discomfort. The legs do roll up a little, but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable at all.

The cool feeling of the fabric is welcoming when you put them on. As with the pouch, I did not feel much of the lifting of my sack too much which is good. It just feels very natural and nothing too over to make you uncomfortable. I did hear some feel back from others saying that their sacks don’t hang low and that is why they don’t have any lift. I would say that if you do have hanging sacks, then the pouch will assist and if your sack doesn’t hang low then you may not see the benefit of the sack support. My sack doesn’t hang, so maybe that is why I did not feel the lift. The only time I feel the lift is when I sit down, cross legged and I think that is because of how you are positioned.

When comparing the trunks and the boxer briefs, I would say there is no difference. The only difference is the length and your preference. The shorter length definitely helps in warmer weather since there is less fabric to deal with. The longer boxer briefs will serve well in colder weather.



Like the boxer brief review, I enjoyed wearing this pair of trunks. I am not a real fan of trunks, but the recent reviews of trunks have made me reconsider other cuts of men’s underwear and I am very open to try other types. These fit very well and after trying the first pair of the Swing Shift, I have purchased a few more of the Swing Shift and now trying on the trunk version. SAXX you gotta watch out, because in my books, both are up on the top of the list. Will I buy again? Definitely YES!



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