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The Power Shift collection was created specifically with exclusive feedback from our professional athletes, the Power Shift provides the best support and quick-dry performance suited for top levels of competition.



They offer 5 solid colors and 3 patterns for the power shift trunk collection by 2UNDR. In the boxer brief and long leg version they do offer more 8 solid colors. It’s possible that they offer the same colors in the trunks, but just not selling them. This time we picked a camo version of the patterns for the power shift trunks. The camo adds some complexity to the look, but doesn’t change the 2UNDR styling much. Gone are the stripe versions in their styling library for this collection. This one has a big power shift logo with an orange background right in the middle of the waistband and 2UNDR logo around the 35mm waistband.  As many premium underwear they also have a 2UNDR patch to cover up the stitching at the back.

One thing I would like to make note of is the packaging of the underwear. 2UNDR has designed the boxes to match the color and pattern of the underwear. I really like how they did this and it shows the attention of detail.



Fitted. They did note that these are a bit more compressed, but I didn’t feel the compression. It’s possible that I am in between sizes and the medium is a bit looser and the small may give me the right compression. They do offer these in all three variations: Trunks (3″), Boxer Briefs (6″) and the Long Leg (9″). The Joey pouch is very similar to other pouch underwear like BN3TH Classic Boxer and the NU Athletic pouch.



2UNDR uses a flatlock stitching and construction seams that are purposely placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel. The 35mm waistband uses the highest quality yarn which is roll-resistant and is made with 48% Nylon, 29% Polyester and 23% Spandex The Joey Pouch uses a mesh fabric is actually a thermal reduction fabric that features a hydrophobic membrane that quickly disperses sweat. They have used a combination of 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane. This collection has something called the ColdSkin Technology where they use fabric that contains crushed jade in the microfibers and can reduce skin temperature by 3 to 6 degrees.  The back panel is a meshed panel; whereas, the front does not have any mesh to it.


Our Views:

This pair of 2UNDR is part of the Power Shift Collection which is designed for the active day. The Power Shift collection comes with ColdSkin thermal reduction fabric which was created specifically with exclusive feedback from professional athletes. The blend of fabric provides a smooth and silky feeling.  The Joey Pouch is constructed to support your boys. The pouch does elevate your package a little and separates from your thighs to ensure there is no unwanted contact.

There was minimal roll up in the legs which is great for a pair of trunks. I wore these with a pair of Under Armour shorts and I felt the slippery of the polyester fabric which was a bit of an odd feeling. I wore these in a hot summer day (36 degree C/ 96 F) and they were very comfortable and didn’t feel the heat at all. I felt the pouch support a bit more in these trunks. Normally walking it was just right with the support, but for example: when doing squats you will feel the lifting. I am not too sure if that is good or not, as these are designed for activity and squats are a very common activity.  Definitely, there is more lifting of the sack in these as I experience it multiple times when wearing them throughout a day; whereas, in other collections, it was less.

Overall, I’m pleased with this pair of power shift trunks. The material does not stick to your stick and the silky polyester does help a lot.  The fabric felt a bit thicker in the front panel, but that didn’t create more heat and the back panel is mesh to allow more air to flow through. They have called the back mesh panel the Swass Panel and they say that it has cured the swamp ass for good. They do say that it’s made with a highly breathable athletic mesh to help heat escape. But, I think the designer considered all human beings do fart and this allows the unwanted air out a little easier too.
The pouch design is very similar to the other collections, but I noticed more times I felt the pouch supporting my sack.

I didn’t compare this with other collections as much as you may like, but watch out for the upcoming review where I will be comparing the 4 collections. Stay tune – follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on new views from our team.

Washing instructions:

Always wash your whites and darks separately, wash with cold to warm water, not hot. Machine wash on the delicate cycle.


2UNDR says the best is to air dry in the shade. If you are in a rush, I’ll suggest going out and buying a few more pairs :). Seriously, tumble dry on the cool to warm fluffing cycle and remove immediately after.

Some comment mistakes in washing premium underwear (copied from 2UNDR site):

  • HIGH HEAT: Baking (literally) your underwear at super high temperatures causes the elastic and fabric to degrade at a much faster rate
  • DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Sunlight, as good as it is, is a major contributing factor to colors fading and to the degradation of the elastic and fabric
  • FABRIC SOFTENER & BLEACH: While these were great on your old tighty-whities, modern materials and fabrics do not need them to maintain that silky smooth feel
  • OVERAGGRESSIVE WASHING: Your time is valuable, we get that. But tossing your delicates (yes, we used that word) in with your jeans, towels and other rough fabrics can reduce the lifespan of your underwear. And washing on too harsh of a wash cycle can cause lint pills to develop.


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